Client dedication test Manager

Why work with TechSoft Solutions

When software developers are writing massive application codes to support applications functionalities in multiple modules, functionalities errors may ultimately occur. TechSoft Software testing services comes in handy to unearth any functionalities errors and also giving recommendations on the best user expirience on specific applications features. As a client TechSoft Solutions will always assign you a dedicated test manager who will assist you with writing up task scenarios and questions, user feedback follow-up,test participant recruitment, final report analysis and recommendations, writing up non-disclosure agreements and all other administrative assistance you may need.

How does TechSoft Solutions interact with client?

TechSoft Solutions assign a single test Manager to a single client. The test Manager then can advice whether to find and hire your own test participants if client require human driven software testing. However we understand hiring testing participants can be cumbersome and time consuming. So, we also offer to recruit the participants for test at a fee if the client agree to our terms and conditions.

Techsoft Solutions also provide software automated testing with the latest industry frameworks.

How does TechSoft Solutions deliver usability reports?

TechSoft Solutions deliver an objective and detailed usability test report that features the usability errors and problems encountered by test participants. The report may include heat maps, click maps, or video clips demonstrating how test participants confronted the problems.